New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Published on
October 5, 2022

The beauty about life is that we get new opportunities. Opportunities to start afresh, to get things back on the right track or even grow what we have.

If we think about what we are going through as a country there are very many new things happening with the new political changes. I was thinking about what can move us forward as a country, in line with specialisation looking at the economic part only.

We start by looking at the challenges facing us as a country among them being:

1. A struggling economy. If we are to look at the PMI Index that had declined for five months in a row as at August. We could say this was due to the election but even then, we need to see an improvement in activity for us to change these.

2. High debt level in the country from the government, private sector and individuals

3. High unemployment rate

4. High cost of living

The question then is what is it that can be done to help turn this around? The growth of enterprise is the starting point. So then, how do we support businesses going forward? It is good to go back to what is ailing business and sort those first. I have identified the following as the key things that many businesses would benefit form.

  1. Availability of capital
  2. Right knowledge to run successful business
  3. Efficient compliance process
  4. Lower taxation rates.

To help solve most of these issues the support and growth of the capital markets would play a key role. This is because the capital markets not only attract providers of capital it also gets businesses to seek right capital that is required for the growth of the capital market.

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